Material & Package Management


Electrical Systems, Inc. specializes in Material and Package Handling Systems.

When UPS began construction of its 1.9 million square foot consolidation and distribution facility in Chicago, we provided world-class electrical installation services on every aspect of the project, making this one of the largest and most efficient package sorting facilities in the world.

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This state-of-the-art facility moves an estimated 2 million packages through an intricate system of conveyors, diverters, fixed position and bar code scanners, printers and applicators every day.  As the primary electrical contractor, our installation work contributed to the operation of every piece of equipment in the facility. Packages arrive at one of the 122 receiving doors and travel more than 30 miles of conveyors to one of the 1,050 shipping doors with precision and accuracy.

We work on projects for clients such as American Airlines, Delta Airlines, O’Hare International Airport, General Mills, Hunt-Wesson Foods and Nabisco.

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